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  • 定位取餐系统,迅铃呼叫器
  • 无线呼叫系统,迅铃呼叫器
  • 无线排队,迅铃呼叫器
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Wireless calling device is a kind of electronic equipment which can realize the indoor and outdoor wireless call, data transmission and alarming. Calling button launches the wireless signal carrying the coding information, the host or the control center receives and decodes the received information, and then expresses the information by means of sound, light, electricity and so on, or received and expressed the information by portable receiver (watch). Because of the simple installation and easy operation, they are widely used in modern industries.

With the continuous development of China's economy and society, catering, entertainment, tourism, medical care and other service industries rapidly developed, people's demand to service is also increased. Wireless calling device as a convenient calling system, improved service efficiency, saved the cost of human labor, accepted by more and more owners and consumers. XUNLING is committed to the use and promotion of wireless calling device, want to cooperate with people to get the win-win situation, creating a "no disturbing the customer, no delaying the service" consumer environment and the "need to be" service concept.

Industries to join
  • Catering/Coffee
  • Medical apparatus
  • Leisure/entertainment
  • Bank financial
  • Construction/factories
  • Office facilities
  • Ecurity monitoring
  • Management software
Brand advantages
14 years of self-owned brand,high market and industry popularity,obvious advantages,clear selling points,strong products market penetrability.
Policy support
Whole knowledge training;perfect market guidance,market development and protection system;low joining doorsill,can sell totally or only partly according to your own situation.
Mighty popularization on main advantageous media such as Baidu,Alibaba and also the advertisement from agencies everywhere supply strong foundation to XUNLING products promotion on market,supplying you strong brand guarantee to join us.
Products advantages
Strong product research and development team,14 years of market quality witness,the leading edge of the new strength to support,so that you sell the confidence.
After-sale support
Professional storage environment,appointed logistics transportation,24-hour products after-sale guidance and support,let you no worries.
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